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The Post Funding Drive Edition with The Diamond Rings & Sheezer Interviews – S06E09

It’s great to finally resume regular programming as the Funding Drive for 2010 was a successful one. The station reached its goal of $110,105. I would like say thanks to the people who pledged on my radio show as I was pretty nervous that I wouldn’t get any as my show is still new. At least my radio is making progress. How can I not forget about CKCU’s 35 Anniversary, that will be explained in a future entry.
The November 10th edition of WildWorks on CKCU-FM had songs leaning towards the Techno/Electronica realm. Overall, my co-host, Marzia did a good job helping me out after being absent for one show. It was an entertaining show. The first hour as usual was The Wild 10 Countdown and yes, Arcade Fire is still #1 on the countdown. The Wild 10 Countdown entry is at this link.
In the second hour, I played another version of Hallelujah and it’s by Rufus Wainwright. I am totally hooked on Communion by Maximum Balloon & Karen O. (of Yeah Yeah Yeahs). There was a blast from the past song I played and it was due in part to The X Factor in the UK. One of the contestant sang Stay by Shakespears Sister on the show and it got some buzz from the UK singles chart.
The interviews aired on the radio show were Diamond Rings and the all girl Weezer cover band,¬†Sheezer. Just good timing for Diamond Rings as he’s the X3 Artist of the Month.

Don’t forget to check the playlist by going to this link.

Radio Show and Interviews
The November 10th radio show – press play to listen.

The Diamond Rings Interview
It was recorded on October 29, 2010, outside of Raw Sugar Cafe. Press play to listen or download it.

The Sheezer Interview
It was recorded at Zaphod Beeblebrox with two of the members. Press play to listen or download it.