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Sort of Understanding Islam and the Frigid Weather – S2E20

I was planning to write up something for the blog, but it kept being held back due to a sense of writer’s block. But yea, I have wanted to write about the way that Islam has been portrayed in the media lately. Don’t get me wrong, I am not becoming a Muslim or what not. It’s just that I understand the faith and culture of it. It has been close to a decade because of friends and people in high school who were practicing Islam. What surprised me was my mom was Muslim when she was young in Hong Kong. I went back in Summer of 2000 and went to the cemetery to find out there were Arabic writing on the tombstone. OK, enough of my inner ramblings, this leads me to “Little Mosque on the Prairie” on CBC. I really enjoyed the show because it is funny and I seem to understand the Muslim culture in some form. I did take the intro to Religion class several years ago and went to a Mosque for the fieldwork assignment.
I just wish I can joke to fans of “24” by mistakenly call Morris, Yasir because the actor (Carlo Rota) is on both shows and I prefer him in comedy over the suspenseful action.

The weather, oh gosh, I barely survived having to go out in the frigid cold. -40 degrees is amazingly brutal. The worse thing for me was taking the express bus (and no! I am not going to tell you bus number because it’s self-explanatory :P) to get to Carleton. What I didn’t know was that the O-Train was not running. I took a long bus ride from west to east. Not very pleasant as well, but at least I didn’t arrive late to Carleton.
Another bad thing was my scarf gave the smell of Vanilla Breeze from the Glade air freshener. Not pleasant when I was covering my face from the winds. I haven’t used my “trusty” scarf for a year.
I am happy that I haven’t got sick and I broke free of the Chinese New Year curse. I had been cursed for 2 years when I got sick during or prior to Chinese New Year. I felt safer this year!

A cheapless plug to put “Peter Hodgins” again on my blog entry and then searched on Google. I enjoy the Globally Wired Canada: Cultural Issues class and I really enjoy the people in the class. No matter how Facebook is mentioned and being “haunted” by political philosophers like Hobbes, Aristotle, and etc. I’d go bonkers having to hear those things.