It’s been in the media since Wednesday and I am pretty surprised about the attention it is getting. What do I think about Captain America being killed? Pretty good, but why couldn’t it be done in the #7 of Civil War? There has been some negative response to how Civil War ended. In my opinion, I am not very disappointed, nor excited with the outcome of it. My overall position to Civil War has been neutral. I didn’t care who side to choose, I just wanted to read a good story. I was disappointed with the lateness, but I accept the reason that the artist had health problems. Lateness is common in comics nowadays.
The thing is, people shouldn’t be too worked up with Captain America being dead. I mean, no one shouldn’t get too upset because it is just a comic and it’s just a fantasy. It’s not the thrust of life.
Even though, I am Canadian, something about Captain America being cool and amazing sticks as a favorite hero. I just like his shield because of the materials.
It’s great to serve a good memory to where was I when it happened? Well, I was at the comic store and I informed the employees about it. That could be a “memorable” day.
Kudos to a friend who got it. I hope you enjoyed it.