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Series 12 / WildWorks Blog

The 24 Days of Candies and Tea – S12E04

It’s that yearly time on the final month of the year. It’s the popular advent calendars in the form of DAVIDsTEA and Squish Candy. Squish Candy has opened a location in Rideau Centre for several months and it’s been a great convenience in getting the 24 Days of Candy. DAVIDsTEA offered their hot selling 24 Days of Tea in late October. It used to be released on November.

Here’s the list of the advents calendars. They will be updated for the 24 days.
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Series 10

The 24 Days of Tea, 2014 Edition – S10E10

24 Days of Tea, 2014

It’s back again for another year and the advent tea calendar completely sold out when it was released last month at DAVIDsTEA.

Liking the colour for the box packaging this year and there’s some good selections and returning favourites for the teas.

As you remember from last year, I kept an update on what tea would be revealed on the certain day. Be sure to keep checking this entry as well as adding a link from Instagram. It will be until December 24th, Christmas Eve.

Enjoy the reveal!
Last thing, the falling snow is back again on WordPress.

The 24 Days of Tea List
December 1: Forever Nuts [LINK]
December 2: Organic Vanilla Chai [LINK]
December 3: Quangzhou Milk Oolong [LINK]
December 4: Pink Flamingo [LINK]
December 5: Detox [LINK]
December 6: Coco Chai Rooibos [LINK]
December 7: English Breakfast [LINK]
December 8: Cocomint Cream [LINK]
December 9: Genmaicha [LINK]
December 10: Bubbie’s Baklava [LINK}
December 11: Mother’s Little Helper [LINK]
December 12: Crème Caramel Rooibos [LINK]
December 13: Read My Lips [LINK]
December 14: Sugar Plum Forest [LINK]
December 15: Buddha’s Blend [LINK]
December 16: Main Squeeze [LINK]
December 17: Organic Peppermint Amour [LINK]
December 18: Organic Silk Dragon Jasmine [LINK]
December 19: Organic Cream of Earl Grey [LINK]
December 20: Apple Custard [LINK]
December 21: Lime Gelato [LINK]
December 22: Sleigh Ride [LINK]
December 23: Eggnog [LINK]
December 24: Santa’s Secret [LINK]
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