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Five Years On, Remembering Leslie Cheung – S3E16

It has been 5 years since Leslie Cheung’s death and how time has flown by so fast. April 1st is always consider a sad day for fans of Leslie Cheung. For the past week, I kept thinking on what to write for the 3rd year about remembering Leslie Cheung. I hope I can come with a good entry for the 3rd year. Till this day, Leslie Cheung is still a popular performer, whether it is in acting or singing, he was one of a kind for talent. Nowadays, we see performers go for the money and it is no more on the performing for a living side.
As I was listening to a radio program from Hong Kong on the Internet sometime last week (March 24, 2008), this RTHK DJ said that fans still want to see him, listen to him and care about him. It almost brought me to tears when hearing 無需要太多 (English translation, Don’t Need Too Much). All I can say that his music and movies will still live on forever.

I feel blessed that I have kept in contact with other DJs from Hong Kong about Leslie Cheung and other kinds of music. You know who you are if you get to read this.

Here are my previous entries from 2006 and 2007 on Leslie Cheung.

April 1st, 2006 Entry

April 1st, 2007 Entry

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A Return to the Black Sheep Inn – S3E15

I did not expected to go back to the Black Sheep Inn on Saturday night. I went to The Acorn’s concert at the wonderful small venue in Wakefield, Quebec. It was another usual “surprise” of sorts to see Amanda Putz again! At least she was with her CBC Radio in Ottawa colleagues. I get to see Alan Neal in person for the second time (TV appearance doesn’t count), but I don’t know if he’s getting used to seeing me…. yet. Although, I have him (well, his radio program) on MySpace to lean on for contacting.
I wasn’t planning to go to The Acorn’s concert until my brother begged to go and they recently returned from their US tour and attending SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas.
Prior to going to the concert, I spent some time going to Rideau Centre to kill time and unexpectedly buy something. As you see on the photo on top with Putzy and myself doing the gangster look, I got a new hat at Roots. Even though, I lucked on the CBC Radio 3 Castro, Freedom hat, I decided to go for the Roots hat that similarly looks like the R3 hat. I also saw Sarim at Rideau Centre and it helped me killed time as well. I only discussed about certain people and concerts I have been attending. I was, well still having back pain. It was great to see friends around and The Acorn concert did help my spirits up even though I am enduring back pain. The Acorn concert was very enjoyable and there were funny jokes during the gig.
How can I not forget about the photos via Flickr, http://flickr.com/photos/lenny-wu/sets/72157604310505423/

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Basia Bulat in Ottawa Again – S3E14

On Thursday night, I went to the Basia Bulat concert at Zaphod Beeblebrox. I was glad that Basia still remembers my brother and myself. Although, the funny thing was that she forgot my name. Another funny moment as we were checking Basia and her band on sound check, I was standing near my brother and Maggie, out of nowhere comes Amanda Putz appearing as I made a funny surprise gesture that startled me.
All in all, the concert with Katie Stelmanis and Amos The Transparent were excellent. I didn’t expect to see a lot of people to see Basia Bulat which meant a big turnout. I am guessing Basia is becoming a word of mouth.
Here’s the Flickr link from Thursday’s gig. http://www.flickr.com/photos/lenny-wu/sets/72157604284974647/

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Meeting Bands and Dealing With Snow in March – S3E13

I apologize for not having an entry for March and here I am trying to write an entry. All I can say that it has been a crazy time with the free time I still have. There were a lot of things happening with this timeline.

March 7, I went to a friend’s birthday dinner at the last minute and then went clubbing later on. Worse part was getting back home at 4am. I got less sleep and it was on the eve and start of the big snowstorm. Here’s link via Flickr, http://www.flickr.com/photos/lenny-wu/sets/72157604072720403/

March 8
, I had a lion dance performance at Hilton Lac Leamy in Gatineau, QC. This was during the massive snowstorm that blanketed Ontario to the Maritimes. Here is the link to the photos, http://www.flickr.com/photos/lenny-wu/sets/72157604077374547/

March 9
, I got Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Nintendo Wii, ’nuff said. Let’s say that it was after the massive snowstorm and was barely able to get Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

March 10
, I got a chance to meet Immaculate Machine (pictured above) at an in-store performance. The band members are nice and I had a chance to chat with them before and after the concert. Here are photos from the performance, http://www.flickr.com/photos/lenny-wu/sets/72157604095038057/.

March 13
, I went to The National Gallery of Canada for this event called “Are You In?” It was a March Break event for the teens. I know I am not a teen but I came out in support of Amanda Putz and to check out The Love Machine because they are getting played on CBC Radio 3. I also got to see former MuchMusic VJ/host, Jennifer Hollett at the event. What I didn’t know was that Amanda Putz had CBC Radio 3 goodies and I wanted to get the Castro, I mean Freedom hat, but I got a R3 t-shirt and R3 buttons with the 4 mascots instead. Here are photos from the event, http://www.flickr.com/photos/lenny-wu/sets/72157604110756164/

Coming up, I will be seeing Immaculate Machine again on Good Friday as they will be with Ladyhawk at Zaphod Beeblebrox. On Thursday March 27, I cannot wait to check out Basia Bulat again but at Zaphod Beeblebrox. Hopefully she still remembers from the Hayden concert back in January.
In early April, I will finally get to go to the Stars concert at the Bronson Centre.
That’s all for now.

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Eventful Weekend – S3E12

With Joel Plaskett at Winterlude 2008
What a weekend! Aside from the debacle on Friday, February 15, 2008. I did enjoy The Joel Plaskett Emergency concert at Winterlude. Not to take pot shots at my friends (well, one of them), I just wish either opened up to any kind of Canadian independent music and try out CBC Radio 3.
After the concert, I had a chance to get meet Joel Plaskett and get picture with him as you from above the entry. It was insanely cold on Friday night. I was able to survive it. I was also wondering if I find Amanda Putz at the concert but to no avail.
Here’s some clips from the concert via YouTube.


Drinking Absinthe
Saturday night was one of a doozy. I had a birthday dinner and a lion dance performance. The birthday dinner was Avant Garde Bar in downtown Ottawa. They serve Russian food and usual drinks and liquors. I finally tried Absinthe because I have been curious for so long. The verdict? Oh my! It has a strong black licorice taste. I did not hallucinate. Don’t worry if I was acting up or passed out drinking it. All in all, it was great to see people there for Saturday but missing were the people I know. Oh well, hopefully they better make it up to me.
As for the lion dance performance prior to returning to Avant Garde Bar and drinking Abinthe, it was for the Mauritius community of Ottawa and it was held at the Bob Macquarrie Recreation Complex in Orleans.
Here’s the clip from the performance (in 2 parts)


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Old Stomping Grounds – S3E11

On Saturday morning, I had another lion dance performance at a Chinese school I used to go. It was for their Chinese New Year activities at the Chinese school. I also had this feeling of nostalgia when returning to the Saturday school. All in all, the performance went out well. As you see on the photo on top, that was me doing the Northern Lion.

Another nostalgic moment was this past week when I got in contact with someone back from Chinese school. I really have a good memory when remembering people from the past and it feels nice to keep in touch.

Other funny things to mention in this entry.
I was listening to RTHK Radio 2 and was listening to a program called 百花爭艷二台靚歌喜迎春 (Reunion Songs Special). Alyson Hau was a guest on the show and I never knew she was nervous having to sing on radio, here is her blog entry, http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/alysonhau/article?mid=1044

Due to ever unexpected programming changes at CBC Radio 3, I missed the first hour of Amanda Putz’s program on web radio. Well, I got to listen on Sunday and I foolishly recorded it. Why? She said “Kung Hei Fat Choy.”
Here’s the Youtube clip;

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Happy Chinese New Year – The Year of the Rat: S3E10

It’s been awhile I have not written an entry since the beginning of 2008. All I can say it’s Chinese New Year, Kung Hey Fat Choy! It’s the year of the Rat.
Phew, I had 6 performances on Thursday. I will be sore for Friday.
First performance was at Royal Bank on Wellington Street and it went out pretty well.
Second performance was at Algonquin College at their food court to celebrate Chinese New Year for the international students.
Third performance was at retirement home. It was the first time to try out the smaller lion and using the costumed pants.
Fourth performance was at an elementary school near Carleton University. The children participated in becoming a lion. It was great to see smiles out of the children.
Fifth performance was at the Chinese Community building and the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration was on hand for Chinese New Year.
The sixth and final performance (pictured on top) was at Chu Shing Restaurant. It was for the Hong Kong Business Assocation Chinese New Year Banquet.
What a day to have lots of performances.
To finish off the entry, here is the clip from the Chu Shing Restaurant performance.

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Bye-bye 2007, Hello 2008 and Other Song Leftovers from 2007 – S3E09

Happy 2008 and a first post to start off the new year. What I ended up doing on New Year’s Eve?
In the morning of NYE, I was listening to Capital Radio from London, UK and they were counting down their Hall of Fame Top 500. Here’s the link of their Top 500, http://www.capitalradio.co.uk/Article.asp?id=537028.
Yes, I did hear Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin.

Got to check out the fireworks at Major’s Hill Park at 18:57pm. It was The Grand Finale – Downtown Musical Fireworks. It was to close out the 150 Anniversary of Ottawa being chosen as Canada’s capital. It was a cold time having to wait for it. At least the weather was not as bad. Overall, the fireworks were nice to watch.

Oh yea, from my music picks of 2007. I forgot to leave out some other songs that were popular but they were not part of my picks.

Irreplaceable by Beyonce. It is also Billboard Hot 100 Singles of the Year for 2007
Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s.
Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston. Those two songs almost annoyed the heck out of me because they were overplayed like crazy
The Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani featuring Akon.
Glamorous by Fergie featuring Ludacris.
Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne.
Suburban Knights by Hard-Fi.
LoveStoned/I Think She Knows by Justin Timberlake.
Icky Thump by The White Stripe.
Another album that I totally forgot is the excellent artist, M.I.A. She released her second album, Kala, with rave reviews.

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Holiday Wrapup – TV Viewing on Christmas – S3E08

Of all the Christmas programming throughout December, I was more than pleased to watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2007. The episode title called “Voyage of the Damned” and it also guest-starred Kylie Minogue. What did I think of the episode? As spoiler free as I can be, it was another excellent Christmas special for the Time Lord but it was last time that I felt sad watching the series since “The Girl In The Fireplace” from Series 2 in 2006. What a way to feel bummed out during the Christmas holiday in 2007.
How did I think of Kylie Minogue? She was great and overall, I found the cast and story to be strong on the third Christmas special.
I was more happy to watch Doctor Who Confidential at Christmas 2007 because they played clips from Kylie Minogue‘s hit songs. Songs like “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”, “I Should Be So Lucky” and “The Locomotion.”

Here’s another image from the Christmas special. I hope it is spoiler-free. Man, how many times has the Tenth Doctor snogged? 🙂

I hope to get another year-end entry which will be about my favorite moments that I have done.

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Another Fuse Taping I Attended… No Joke and Christmas Planning – S3E07

Yes, there was another taping for CBC’s FUSE and it was an early hour than usual Fuse tapings. The performers were Michael Kaeshammer and Hayley Sales.
Photos are up on Flickr again, here’s the link, http://www.flickr.com/photos/lenny-wu/sets/72157603331125358/
Overall, it was a great performance from the two musicians.
*Spoiler* There was a bit of a Christmas feel when Hayley Sales sang Happy Xmas (War is Over) by John Lennon.

The holidays is approaching and I have been thinking of planning a Christmas get together at my place for the second year. That means I have to clean up the house, get a few gifts for the so-called gift exchange and think of food to make. I cross my fingers that the second year of my Christmas get together would be better.

A reminder that I am planning to have my picks of the top songs of 2007. What are my favorites of 2007. Wait and find out.
Aside from the Canadian independent music scene, I am still liking the current #1 song on Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles, “No One” by Alicia Keys.

One comment I totally left out and I was suppose to write it on a previous blog entry. I am enjoying these kinds of concerts (mainly The Acorn and The Russian Futurists concert) because it is smaller and costs less to get tickets than going to a big-wig concert. Briefly chatting with independent artists makes it fun for myself because I find they are approachable and they don’t leave right away. It gives me experience to socializing and mingling with these kinds of people.