Saturday NXNE Main

As I’m taking the train back to Ottawa on Sunday morning, let’s recap what acts I check out on Saturday throughout NXNE. To start things off, the first event wasn’t NXNE related but had artists playing at NXNE. It was the 5th annual CBC Radio 3 Unofficial Fan Picnic and it was held at Trinity-Bellwoods Park. The lineup for the picnic were Murder Murder, Kathryn Calder, David Vertesi and The Acorn.

It was a fun event as it was a thrill to see other CBC Radio 3 fans from all walks of the corner and enjoy live acoustic music at a park.

Louise Burns at Handlebar
Throughout my time, I have enjoyed listening to Louise Burns but I had never taken photos during her performance (last time was at NAC as she opened for Hannah Georgas. I always enjoy her sultry dreamy sounds from her music. It was Burns’ second performance at NXNE as I missed her at Lee’s Palace from Wednesday night. The one at Handlebar made it up as I didn’t have plans on who to check out.
Burns played her usual songs from the album, The Midnight Mass and she played two tracks from her upcoming third album. It’s exciting to hear her coming out.
It was a surprise to see N2DS2W as they’re supporters and fans of Louise Burns and she also hosted on CBC Radio 3. It sure lifted my spirits up.

Other Acts I Checked Out
Following Louise Burns, I checked out Slim Twig at The Horseshoe Tavern and Taylor Knox at the Rivoli.
In the afternoon, it was the NXNE Block Party. At the party, there were food trucks, drinks, live DJ, wall art happening.

This concludes the time I had in Toronto for NXNE. It was quite a blast to see people I know over the past several days and give them a fine surprise in my presence. It’s always the fun to shooting the Polaroids to friends and give them a last memory

Last but not least, you can check the photos over at Flickr.
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