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Two Bands Undone Sessions to Almost End 2009 – S05E29

Note on December 28, 2009: The two Bands Undone weren’t the final sessions of 2009. There was one on December 27, 2009. There’s a slight change in the title.

were two jam-packed sessions for Bands Undone on December 11, 2009. First, it was Vancouver, British Columbia’s Mother Mother. They are on their Canadian tour and opening up for The Mathew Good Band. Even though the band was tight on schedule, they delivered an excellent performance. The funny part was the frontman of Mother Mother, Ryan Guldemond, messed up on the lyrics, it was unnoticeable. It was nice to hear Body of Years as their 2nd song because hearing Molly Guldemond and Jasmin Parkin’s parts was just wow! It was also nice to see a good crowd at Bands Undone and even though it was on a Friday during lunch time. As for the upcoming interview, it was short and hopefully the finished product will be good because there were parts where I goofed up. Overall, awesome band and no wonder why Mother Mother was the winner for CBC Radio 3’s 2009 Bucky Awards for Best Live Act.
Next up was Laurent Bourque, originally from Ottawa but now resides in Montreal, Quebec. He’s an up and coming singer. The host of Bands Undone was impressed with his music days before his performance. I wasn’t sure what to expect. When he performed, it caught my attention because his voice was smooth and his music had a softer Pop/Rock feel. I did do an interview with for my radio, which will be scheduled to air in January. It’s most likely I will be delaying my interviews until January due to the fact that I will playing Christmas songs and year-end top 10’s.
Photos from both performances can be checked out at this link.
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Double The Fun in Gatineau/Wakefield (Season Premiere) – S04E01

A new season is upon us and what a way to start the fourth season on a new home. You can still look back at previous entries from http://wildworks.blogspot.com/. What’s happening in Canada and United States are election fever. I only watched the Canadian English debate and it was pure laughter for myself having to watch grilling from good ol’ Stephen Harper.

Aside with the election talk, to start off this season, I had two ventures in Gatineau, QC today. In the morning, I had a liondance performance for this school. Overall, it was not bad and a nice workout. Later in the night, I went to The Black Sheep Inn for the Mother Mother with Wooden Sky and The Superfantastics. It was an amazing concert for all three music groups. Mother Mother is a 5 member Pop/Rock Indie group from Vancouver and it was their first time to perform at The Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield, QC. Here is a photo from the Mother Mother performance at The Black Sheep Inn.

Link to photos from Flickr, http://www.flickr.com/photos/lenny-wu/sets/72157607755231224/