From Asimo To a Mixup in Error – S06E38

The Victoria Day long weekend brought some great fun as I got to watch Honda’s ASIMO make an appearance at The Canadian Museum of Civilization. Another funny part was being around Dow’s Lake on Saturday and Monday. Saturday was for a lion dance performance and holiday Monday was for the Victoria Day Festival at Juliana Park near Dow’s Lake.

Back to Asimo, what surprised me was that I did not know that the robot was about 4 feet and it talked. It was unique to see it run, walk and do cute & funny gestures. Asimo was there to kick off the Japan: Tradition. Innovation exhibit. Don’t forget to check the photos from below.

Onto the radio show, there was a miscommunication of sorts as I was supposed to air the long awaited interview with The Stanfields and be on for two hours. For my own embarrassment, I had mentioned about airing the interview and I could not get a chance to make a correction right away. In ways, both myself and the station made apologies and things will be back to normal. I take the opportunity to apologize for the inconvenience.
In a way, I got to salvage what would be the full radio show for May 25th. I had a last minute guest join me in the special podcast edition. It’s none other The New Midnight Jamz’s AJ Nice. Near the end of the special podcast, I was given the OK to use The Blend (from The Strombo Show) this past Sunday, which consisted of two female DJs, they are Miss M. from Vancouver and Tasha Rozez from Toronto. If you want to hear their mixes, it’s available at this link.
The Wild 10 Countdown was aired live for the last time as it will return to the recorded podcast. In summary, there’s a new number one song, Sara by Chad VanGaalen as Sam Roberts Band falls from the top spot. The highest climber happened to be Kill Count by The Balconies.
The playlist from the live and special edition is at this link.
Apologies for what happened on Wednesday.

The live May 25th Radio Show – Press play to listen.

The special edition podcast – Press play to listen.


Extra – Something That Made Me Laugh
Not knowing what happened on Tuesday, it made rounds in the media and as I was watching, I could not stop laughing at it and I was tearing up. It was US President, Barack Obama having an awkward moment as he gave a toast to Queen Elizabeth II and then God Save The Queen started to play as Obama continued talking. Here’s the CBS News link via YouTube. Enjoy!

A Model Dropped By on The Radio Show & a Shoutout to a Duo – S06E37

Wednesday’s show was fun and interesting. I was luckily joined by occasional co-host, DJ Digs as I was slightly nervous having to host on my own to interviewing a model from Angie’s Models and Talent International. The model, Herieth, came on the radio show to help promote the showcase at the Canadian War Museum for May 28, 2011. Aside from the hi-jinx, the special two hour edition came off very well.

Aside from the guests, the Wild 10 Countdown returned to the airwaves for only two weeks. Since the Wild 10 Countdown blog is not being updated, there were two new song debuting on the countdown. They are Northern Air by Elliott Brood and Kill Count by Ottawa’s own The Balconies. Unfortunately, they are now living in Toronto and another sad part being that I missed their concert last Friday at Mavericks.
Number one for the 3rd week happens to be Sam Roberts Bands and the song chosen was Longitude.

There was a shoutout to a particular glamorous duo from Toronto and it’s none other than Nat & Marie. If it wasn’t for Strombo discovering or tweeting about them, I wouldn’t join him on the bandwagon. They talk about online pop culture, Internet trends and picking viral videos. Since I usually forget to mention them, the song I chose for them was Sadness Is a Blessing by Lykke Li.

That’s the summary for Wednesday’s show, the May 18th edition of WildWorks on CKCU-FM. You can listen to the show below.

The radio show playlist is posted at this link. Added below are photos.

The May 18th edition of WildWorks. Press play to listen.


May Sweeps and Chinatown Remixed – S06E36

Weekend Fun – Radio Show & May Sweeps (TV Shows)
It was an awesome weekend as it started off with The New Midnight Jamz on CKCU-FM. There were some guests and it became fun hanging around. There were models and then the other guest was a DJ and friends. Considering that it’s the final May to be on the show as the remaining weekends of May will have me absent. As for the models from Saturday’s show, they will be back again for my show for Wednesday morning.

Onto May sweeps, it’s this time of year when the TV season is finishing up. From the special podcast with Daddy Rich of The New Midnight Jamz, we talked about show which ended on Friday. It was Smallville as it wrapped ten seasons on TV. It’s astounding that it lasted ten years. The first song to start off was “Save Me” by Remo Zero. It’s going to be sad missing the song. Another show being discussed on the special podcast is Chuck as it wraps up its fourth season and great but sad news for the show is that it will be back for a fifth and final season with only 13 episodes. Also on the podcast were songs that were played on Chuck as some of the songs were from Canadian indie bands. Played were Stars, In-Flight Safety and Plants & Animals. Lastly, how can you not forget about Doctor Who as the current sixth series has been good.

You can listen to the special podcast and the May 14th edition of The New Midnight Jamz in the audio section. I will try to post up a playlist from the special podcast. Hope you will enjoy the podcast.

Chinatown Remixed 2011
This leads me to the other event on Sunday. It was Chinatown Remixed in Ottawa’s Chinatown on Somerset Street, I was there to support May-Jun as she had her art photograph displayed at one of the venues and do a live performance. After her performance, I decided to tag along and check out the other art and photo displays at various places on Ottawa Chinatown. It was all in great fun on a nice Sunday afternoon. Luckily, the rain held off for the rest of Sunday afternoon.
The photos are posted below. Enjoy!

The WildWorks special podcast edition (for May 16, 2011) – joined by Daddy Rich of The New Midnight Jamz. Press play to listen.

The May 14th edition of The New Midnight Jamz – Press play to listen.


Chatting and Hanging With Grand Analog Again – S06E35

It was a tough first week of May as I was sick with a cold from the events. Friday night was certain the end of the craziness as I got to see Grand Analog return to Ottawa as part of Prairie Scene. If you’re wondering why there’s a Hip-Hop band in the Prairies? The frontman, Odario Williams was originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba but he’s now based in Toronto.
Overall, I had a great time at their show at Ritual Nightclub. I also brought along someone to help me interview the band. I got to thank Tiffany for assisting in the interview. The funny part was airing the long interview on Wednesday’s radio show. I apologize if it was very lengthy.
Another message to bring up. I haven’t been able to update the top 10 entries from the Wild 10 Countdown on the blog as I mentioned that I have been sick and I just forget to update. Please bear with the delays as the top tens will eventually be posted up. You can check out the playlist at this link.

The May 11th Radio Show – Press play to listen

The Grand Analog Interview

The Rural Alberta Advantage Interview V2 & Mother’s Day – S06E34

I would never expect to start May 2011 on an awesome level because I had the opportunity to see The Rural Alberta Advantage again. This was a unique one because I had my co-host, Erica go to the show and it couldn’t have made me happier to finally have a radio co-host join me at a concert. Prior to their performance, Erica and I had the opportunity to chat with Amy and Paul of The RAA and it was the usual funny interview and the first for my co-host in interviewing a band. Overall, it was a great show at Ritual Nightclub and the opener, Hooded Fang really surprised me with their set and I literally enjoyed it. Even though it was on a Sunday night, there was a good turnout for The RAA.

Mother’s Day – Cantopop Songs
It’s the second year that I decided to do a Mother’s Day theme segment as I chose Cantopop tracks that are linked to Mother’s Day. Hope you will like it and a Happy Mother’s Day!
Don’t forget to listen to the interview and the show on the bottom.

The May 4th show – press play to listen

The May 4th live broadcast at CKCU-FM – press play to listen and the playlist is at this link.

The Rural Alberta Advantage Interview (2011 Edition)

It Could Be a Cold or Warm Wednesday Mornings – S06E33

A Slight Update for April 27, 2011 – Added is the April 27th radio show.

Even though it was a wet and gloomy day, Wednesday’s radio show did not dampen spirits as I played several new tracks and 1980s Cantopop songs. There was no interview segment and the Easter weekend is coming up as it was best to relax and take a break. What was played on the show were the usual top 10 countdown and several songs from a compilation by Paper Bag Records. It’s a cover to a Madonna album called True Blue as that album celebrates 25 years. The artists that took part in the compilation were Young Galaxy, The Acorn, Winter Gloves, The Rural Alberta Advantage and etc.

One the bands in the compilation whom announced their indefinite hiatus. You Say Party does a rendition of Love Makes The World Go Round and is considered to be the band’s final new song. Listening to the track felt bittersweet as the band won’t be together for the foreseeable future. The band will be greatly missed.
There was a shoutout to RTHK’s Ellie Davis as I decided to play a brand new song by Emmy The Great. Reason for it was listening to her New Year’s Day show and she interviewed the London-based folk singer. It’s nice to get in touch with other radio hosts elsewhere in the world.

R.I.P. – Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith) of Doctor Who
On a sombre note, it was sad to hear that Elisabeth Sladen, known to Doctor Who fans as Sarah Jane Smith has passed away and it’s days before the return of Doctor Who (Series 6). It was quite a shock and surprise because her passing away was unexpected. Hopeful to do The New Midnight Jamz preshow podcast as myself & show host, DJ Daddy Rich will chat about the unexpected passing of a wonderful and excellent actress.

Just added for April 24, 2011. The New Midnight Jamz on CKCU-FM. The preshow podcast is added as myself and Daddy Rich talked about the passing of Elisabeth Sladen. The songs chosen were played on the tribute which followed the season premiere of Doctor Who in the UK. They were Someone Like You by Adele and She by Elvis Costello.

Final Mention
I forgot to bring up that this blog is nominated in a couple of categories (in Arts & Culture, Music, and Pop Culture & Entertainment) for the 2011 edition of the Canadian Weblog Awards. It should be a fun experience.

Without further ado, you can check the playlist at this link.
The Wild 10 Countdown summary is at this link.

April 27th Entry
It looks like I will be hosting solo for the foreseeable future. I’m starting to sound like Doctor Who as companions leave and move on. Enough of the sadness, Wednesday’s show had to do with Sandy Lam because April 26 was her birthday and I realize that last season’s show on the same topic had bad sound quality. It’s great to re-do it again with clearer sound.
I forgot to mention it on the show but on Twitter, Nat and Marie (whomever it was) wanted me to take a photo of what I’m wearing at the radio station. The photo is at this link. It was used on Incredibooth for the iPad 2.
The audio for the April 27th show is in the audio/podcast section. Enjoy!

There’s two versions to listen.
The full 2 hour April 20th show  – press play to listen

The April 20th live show – press play to listen.

The April 24 edition of The New Midnight Jamz – press play to listen.

The April 27 edition of WildWorks – press play to listen. The playlist is at this link.

New Device, Same Show Format and The Charlotte Cornfield Interview – S06E32

I couldn’t get a good picture or anything that’s creative for this entry. It’s an excuse to write about the iPad 2 as I finally got it on Monday. So far, it’s lighter, thinner and faster. The first generation iPad, I had some issues using djay during my radio show because the app takes up a lot of resource when playing the music. With the iPad 2, they upgraded the CPU and RAM and it’s been seamless playing the music. With the new iPad, I had to add the music from scratch and luckily was on live for the one hour and the countdown is on podcast only. Setting up for Wednesday’s show did not take too long as I was hosting solo as Lauren said her goodbye and the other two co-hosts got busy with other things.
Oh yes, the interview with Charlotte Cornfield was done on Friday night at The Raw Sugar Cafe. She’s getting some buzz in the Canadian music scene as she’s planning to release her album, Two Horses. She was at The Raw Sugar Cafe opening up for Daniel Romano. It was a good interview and for the first time, I didn’t goof up on the questions. It must be the luck of the Zoom H4n.
Also on the radio show was playing past Hong Kong movie songs as the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards is being presented this Sunday (April 17). Unfortunately, I did the same thing last year but I didn’t save the audio and this year’s edition is a make up as I played the prominent songs which won an award or was nominated in past years. It was nice to play some Cantopop tunes.
The playlist for the show is at this link.
The Wild 10 Countdown summary is at this link.
Last thing, I forgot to mention the nice weather from the past weekend. It was such a nice time.

Audio/Podcast/Video – Updated on April 17, 2011
The April 13th radio show – press play to listen.

From April 9th, The New Midnight Jamz, which included the pre-show podcast. Press play to listen.

From Ellie Davis‘s radio show on RTHK Radio 3 for April 16th. Here’s a song request I asked along with three shoutouts to my two co-hosts and another host. The song being Arcade Fire‘s Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains). Press play to listen.

On April 16, The New Midnight Jamz and the pre-show podcast. The playlist is at this link.
Press play to listen.

The Charlotte Cornfield Interview

Here’s a scene from Chungking Express as I mentioned about the song (California Dreamin’) that kept playing over and over.