MB Spring Fashion 2015 Frame

Sante Restaurant presented their spring fashion show on Saturday afternoon and the second in their series was by Marcelle Benedicte. Marcelle Benedicte showed off a sneak peak of the Spring/Summer 2015 collection to the restaurant. The colour from the dresses brought the essence of Spring arriving, which is quite fitting as people in Ottawa have been suffering with the frigid cold temperatures from old man Winter.

Aside from the creative dresses, there were jewelry from Originals by Andrea and makeup provided by Orchid Cosmetics. For the men’s side, there were provided by L’Hexagon Menswear. The best thing of all are that they’re done locally in Ottawa. Which stuck out for me? There were one with pinstripes and a yellow dress which caught my attention as they looked lovely and amazing. It’s what makes Marcelle Benedicte interesting as it brings it own creativity for ready-to-wear clothing. It shows excitement and the beauty of creating the designs. What’s next for Marcelle Benedict is a fashion show for May 30th. It will be a can’t miss event.

I was able to shoot some Impossible Project instant photos but two photos didn’t turn out very well. As you know that I have another Polaroid SX-70 camera, which got repaired thanks to Mint Camera. I’m having some trouble using it as I have press the red button two times. The SX-70 will have to be used for outdoors. The instant photos are posted below.

All I have to say thanks to Emilie of Marcelle Benedicte, Sante Restaurant and fashion coordinator, Alyssa Beltempo for inviting me to the fashion show. It’s just a privilege to support the local fashion scene. It was also great to hang out with Christopher Massardo of PRESS the Fashion and giving some fun insight of things happening in Ottawa.

For the food, I enjoyed the AAA Certified Beef Tenderloin and it was quite good. I have been craving things meaty for this week.

Lastly, you can check the photos over at Flickr by clicking HERE.

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