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It’s Halloween Time! – S08E08

What timing as I’m writing on Halloween. Even the radio show had a Halloween theme. The photo posted was from Ottawa Zombie Walk. Being a lazy person, I didn’t check the zombies walking as I decided to wait at the main stop which was Sparks St. Mall and Parliament Hill. The slightly unfortunate part was that it was cold and rainy. I didn’t bring gloves and it was freezing when trying to take photos.
The radio show had the Wild 10 Countdown and then the Halloween themed tracks. This week’s number one song is Runaway Love by Diamond Rings.
The playlist is over at this link.
There’s no video this week because the co-host had a last minute assignment and couldn’t make it. The planned trending topics were suposed to be Superstorm Sandy, Disney buying LucasFilm for $4.05 Billion, trying out Windows 8 & top horror films.
For news links, I will be avoiding the traditional print organizations as they are using paywall. In case someone checks this blog at a later time, the links would be unaccessible.
Happy Halloween!

Audio/Radio Show
The October 31st Radio Show – Press play to listen.
[audio http://archive.org/download/WildworksOnCkcu-fmForOctober312012/WildworksOctober312012.ogg]

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The Interviews with Data Romance and Robyn Dell’Unto – S08E07

As you know right now that CKCU-FM is having their annual funding drive and the goal for this year is $120,000. Please give support to excellent programming on community radio by pledging online at this link. CKCU provides various programming from general music to ethnic programs. It’s the heart to the communities in the Ottawa area.
This week’s edition of the show had interviews from Data Romance and Robyn Dell’Unto. Both of them were in Ottawa on the weekend and at separate events. Data Romance had a show at Babylon Nightclub as they opened up for Young Empires and Dragonette. Dell’Unto was one of the performers who took part at the Babes4Breasts event. It was a great event to attend Babes4Breasts as it’s a group of female artists coming together to raise money for the fight again breast cancer.
Even though the radio station is having the funding drive, I had to air both interviews as they were current. As usual, my co-host, Lauren joined me for the radio show and enjoyed the interviews that were aired and assisting me for the funding drive edition. Don’t forget to listen to the audio or watch the videos as it’s new feature for the blog.
The second episode of WildWorks TV is still a work in progress. Lauren and I discuss about trending topics from the news, social media & popular culture.
The Wild 10 Countdown has a new number one song this week and it’s Dan Mangan. The top 10 recap is posted at this link.
Keep on supporting community radio and donate if you can.
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It Was Mostly Music Played This Week & A New Addition – S08E06

This week was just music being played on the radio show. There were no music interviews due to the post Canadian Thanksgiving holiday. There was an event I attended last Friday and it was the Herd Magazine launch party at Fall Down Gallery. Aside from it, that was it.
This was planned out of the blue and I decided to add a new segment to the blog. Prior to recording part of the radio show, I decided to come up with a video segment and it called WildWorks TV. It’s mainly talking about topics trending on social media. It will be less on the music and more on pop culture.
Apologies for the first episode due to the bad angling from the DSLR camera. It’s a work in progress. Hope you will enjoy the video segments. It’s a bit influenced from Nat & Marie as they talk about online culture. I’m waiting for their return on the interwebs. You can watch the video below.
This week’s top 10 countdown has a new countdown. To view the top 10 countdown, go to this link.
As for the radio show, Lauren and I played a bunch of new Canadian indie music and an Ellie Goulding track as she’s fallen in love with the new album, Halcyon.
Have a good week.

Audio/Radio Show
The October 17th playlist is at this link.
Press play to listen.
[audio http://archive.org/download/WildworksOnCkcu-fmForOctober172012/WildworksOctober172012.ogg]
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The Olenka and the Autumn Lovers Interview – S08E05

This week’s radio show had the interview with the indie folk band, Olenka and the Autumn Lovers. I had the opportunity to chat with Olenka Krakus, the lead member of the band at Raw Sugar Cafe last Friday night. We chatted about the new EP, Hard Times, touring throughout Canada and being in Ottawa. The audio will be posted below if you want to listen.
The first part of the show had Lauren joining me for the top 10 countdown and Digory for the second part of the show, which was aired live on CKCU-FM.
As usual, there were new Canadian indie tracks played from the likes of Lindi Ortega, Inlet Sound and The Luyas. It was nice to have Lindi Ortega send a tweet for the thanks in playing her song from the new album, Cigarettes & Truckstops.
Speaking of thanks, there was a bit of a post-Thanksgiving discussion since there was a holiday in Canada. Good ol’ turkey.
There was a tribute on the live radio show and it was celebrating Anita Mui’s birthday on this day, October 10th. It’s been close to nine years as Mui is no longer around as her music is still cherished from old and young fans alike.
This week’s Wild 10 Countdown entry will be posted up later.
Hope you will enjoy this week’s show and the interview.

The playlist for the October 10th show is at this link. Press play to listen.

The Olenka and the Autumn Lovers Interview
[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/62919333″ iframe=”true” /]
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The Rah Rah Interview and a Certain Lion Dance To Begin October – S08E04

Due to the delay in posting an entry, I had to add in the lion dance performance on Wednesday night at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier. Every year, the lion dance troupe performs for the National Day Celebration, which is also called Double Tenth. Celebrating the National Day of the Republic of China, known as Taiwan. Hence, the photo above, as I couldn’t think of anything to add along with Wednesday’s radio show. As usual, there were dignitaries, politicans, and good food. There will be some photos posted on this entry.

Wednesday’s Radio Show for October 2nd
On this edition of WildWorks at CKCU-FM, I aired the interview with one of the members of Rah Rah. The interview was done a few weeks ago and it happened on the night of the Polaris Music Prize Salon at Mercury Lounge (in Ottawa, not the one in New York City). The interview was pretty last minute and the funny part was having to run from place to place getting to the venue where they were performing. Overall, it was a good interview as you will get to listen.
Other parts on the radio show were the Wild 10 Countdown as Jenn Grant is still number one. The blog entry for it is over at this link.
There were a bunch of new music being played as I was also solo hosting for the second week. Played the likes of Julie Doiron, Inlet Sound, Dan Mangan, The Zolas and etc.

The October 3rd Radio Show. The playlist is at this link. Press play to listen.

The Rah Rah Interview – Press play to listen or download it.

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