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Holiday Wrap Up 2009

We’re inching closer towards the end of 2009 and ringing in 2010. It’s also the end of the decade called the noughties. I won’t be resuming my Series 5 entries until after the new year as this is another special entry for the Christmas holidays.
January 1, 2010 update: Happy New Year to everyone!

The best of 2009 edition for Wednesday morning’s radio show at CKCU is now posted and you can listen to it.
Here’s a previous audio which is moved to this entry since it’s a wrap up to 2009. Here’s the embedded player to listen.
From the December 16, 2009 radio show, my top 10 Canadian albums of 2009. Press play to listen.

Here’s the December 30, 2009 edition of ASR and my radio show. Press play to listen to the entire show.

Press play to listen to my Best of 2009 edition. At the end of the show, I played a famous Chinese song by the late Anita Mui. It was December 30, 2003 when she passed away.

Playlist is at http://wildworks.wordpress.com/radio/

Yeah Yeah Yeahs -My Favorite of 2009
I picked the
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
as my favorite for 2009 and since I explained a bit on-air, I forgot to mention on-air that there’s this clip from NME’s YouTube site had the Yeah Yeah Yeahs talk about It’s Blitz track by track. It’s funny how they explained the first 2 tracks as “party, party, party!” Here’s the YouTube clip.

Remembering Anita Mui

At the end of the radio show, I played an Anita Mui song in a way of remembering her. Here’s a YouTube from her final concert in 2003 and she was ill but continued to perform under pain. The ending when she leaves the stage will put you into tears.

Next Wednesday (Jan. 6, 2010) will be the best of the 2000s/noughties decade. Will have to figure out what songs to play.

So far, my Christmas was not too bad as it was more of a BBC day. Listening to BBC Radio 1 and then “watched” Doctor Who, The End of Time Part 1. It’s going to be sad to see David Tennant have his final adventure as the Tenth Doctor.

For music related, it’s been more of a Sadie Hell week as I had the opportunity to shoot photos and a bit of videos. Ben Welland was joined by local indie singer, May-Jun for a unique performance at Bands Undone. The funny part at Bands Undone was their setup looking like a “living room“. The performance showed something that was powerful and raw from Welland’s hollering. The extra lighting was proved to be heating up Canteen art shop.
Main vocalist and guitarist, Welland has been in full swing promoting his debut album through radio & at Bands Undone. I misled myself because I didn’t expect the Sadie Hell performance at Bands Undone to be the last session of 2009. The concert will be on January 2, 2010, as it will be a CD/vinyl/album launch and a fundraiser for Sweat Free at Club Saw.
You can check out photos from the Bands Undone performance on December 27, 2009 at this link.
Here’s a video for Onward, Hop! and Live The Evolution at Bands Undone.
The Review from Bands Undone is at this link.

Here a video from CKCU’s Thursday Special Blend.
Sadie Hell [vimeo=”http://www.vimeo.com/8380283″]