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Bonjay at Bands Undone & Friday’s Show – S05E23

I had the opportunity to check out Bonjay at Bands Undone. Much to my delight, I was surprised with their unique performance because it was soulful and intimate. The setting is different for them because when they perform at dance clubs, the crowds are more rowdy and drunk. Myself and others were more calm but we were head bopping to the beats from Pho (the DJ) and being hooked on the lustful voice of Alanna. At first, I was thinking they would be similar to Thunderheist but they are good friends with that duo. I had a chance to do an audio interview for my radio show and their connection to Thunderheist will be fully explained. I shouldn’t spill the beans a lot until I air the interview on radio soon. I will update this post later when the the Bands Undone site has the video up. I seem to be quick in writing things up.

Special thanks goes to Kara for giving me the time to do the audio interview and I felt like I was rushing myself to finishing up the interview and not bore others. I was a bit worried about the time but the matter of fact that the duo was not in a rush and host of BU & Brian weren’t as well.

For anyone interested in checking out Bonjay, they will be performing at Timekode on Friday. Place is at Eri Cafe on Somerset St. They have an Ottawa connection, also a hint to my upcoming interview.

You can check the photos by clicking here.
The review is now up on the Bands Undone site. Even Apartment613 wrote a review, here is their link.

Oh! I make a cameo appearance in the beginning of the video for Bonjay’s performance. Laugh it off if you want because it was on fast motion.

Since I am saving some entry space, on Friday night, I went out to LiVE Lounge to check out Bravestation, they were kind enough to guest-list me. What I thought of their performance? I did not expect a big crowd because I wasn’t even sure about the turnout but the lead vocalist/guitarist told me that they pre-sold about 100 tickets. It was surprising to hear that. Back to the performance, they were pretty good as the rocked the crowd like crazy. Screaming girls (I think) and lots of arms waving and dancing from the hot crowd. I should try to listen to more of their music or in the fact, I will probably pick a song on my condensed and tight Wednesday half-hour show. It’s most likely I will air the Bonjay interview and if I have some time, I will probably pick a song from Bravestation.
The photos can view by clicking here.

Unfortunately, I did not go to Bonjay at Eri Cade as part of Timekode, due to a disagreement of sorts from a friend. In fact, I stayed to see Bravestation’s full performance and they were happy enough that I stuck around.