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Last Night at Writers Festival’s Songwriters Circle – S04E05

I had an opportunity by ‘force of choice‘ to check out the Writers Festival’s Songwriters Circle. It was held at Library & Archives Canada on Monday, October, 27, 2008. The performers on hand were Glenn Nuotio, Kryie Kristmanson & Justin Rutledge. The host for the musical event was none other CBC Radio 3‘s Amanda Putz. Each of the performers sang and discussed what books they have read which is linked to their song writing. It was a fun and interesting night to see how the three singers are from various areas of Canada. Glenn, originally from Newfoundland, now finds Ottawa. Kryie, from Regina, SK and then to New Brunswick and Quebec. She finally made Ottawa home and currently, she is in France for an exchange program. Justin is from Toronto. A very funny story that happened during the performance, there was a guy from a row behind me and heard snoring. My reaction was, “oh gee,” because it was just an akward moment and kind of inappropiate to have interruption like that.
Here’s the photo of Amanda Putz pointing to me with Kyrie and Justin. For the photos at the event, just go to this link, http://www.flickr.com/photos/lenny-wu/sets/72157608452223103/.

On Sunday, I was able to get Activison’s Guitar Hero World Tour for the Nintendo Wii. All I can say that it was an adventurous trek because I decided to bike out on 7am. One of the stores I went did not have it, so I had to trek over to Best Buy and wait until it opened at 11am. I succeeded in getting the super bundle package. So far, I have been able to play a few practice rounds on drum because I am not familiar with the setting. Overall, I am pleased with the game and the tracks provided.

Seeya for now and Halloween is on the horizon.

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Young Rival with The Balconies and The Bicycles on Thursday – S04E04

I can’t believe I did not create a good title for this entry. I want to write that I went to the Young Rival with The Balconies (of Ottawa) and The Bicycles on Thursday night at Zaphod Beeblebrox. I gotta say that all three bands were great. The Balconies had full of energy to start off as the opening act. Plus, it was also Jacquie Neville’s (the lead singer and guitarist) birthday. The Bicycles had a musical style simliar to The Beach Boys or The Monkeys which had a fun Pop feel. Even though they had a short set due to time, it was still enjoyable. Last but not least, Young Rival were totally rocking the house at Zaphod’s. It’s another week where another band still rememebring me from the previous gig. It was my second time to see Young Rival while it was the first time my bro got to see them live. Here’s the photo from above with all of the members of Young Rival. Also in that photo, you will see me with new glasses and no more browning from my glasses as I don’t have Transitions. I know it’s a very minor detail.
Unfortunately, I did not take any photos for the concert on Thursday night.

Oh yeah, a funny story before going to Zaphod’s, I was at Chapters and I somehow saw Liberal MP and former Ontario Premier (NDP), Bob Rae. There wasn’t a mob mentality or anyone approaching him thanking him for being elected.

What are my plans for this weekend? I don’t have a clue whatsoever. I got this exam testing for Saturday all day. I hope I can pass it.

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The Flick Off Express in Ottawa – S04S03

This afternoon, I decided to check out the Flick Off Express down at Confederation Park in downtown Ottawa. It was an event to raise awareness on climate change. Musical acts who performed were Spiral Beach and The Constantines. Guests on hand were Gill Deacon and David Suzuki. I enjoyed the event except that it was a bit chilly out and I carried a small bag for the camera. I didn’t expect to get some free goodies like an aluminum water bottle and an enviromental package from Flick Off. Trust me, this is a good cause to go for because the environment is a priority to everyday lives in Canada and abroad. Photos from the event are also on my Flickr account, http://www.flickr.com/photos/lenny-wu/sets/72157608148500002/. There’s a photo of myself and David Suzuki in the Flickr set. Enjoy!

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2 Weeks of Being Kind of Hectic – S04E02

Of all the craziness happening throughout October, I could not get a chance to write an entry for what I did and what gigs I checked out. I didn’t have the time to do so. As you see from the new photo on top, that’s all of the members of Said The Whale and myself. I went to the Said The Whale and Sylvie concert at Zaphod Beeblebrox on October 17, 2008. Overall, it was an excellent concert and for some reason, I smiled the whole time because the gang of Said The Whale remembered me from the last concert at The Mercury Lounge. I also saw Amanda Putz and Adam Saikaley which were a great surprise because I had been on a slump being at concerts lately. I couldn’t be happier being surprised and enjoying a nice concert.

Past events, there was the federal election on October 14th and I had to work as a registration officer at a church in the Barrhaven area. Was it fun and entertaining? Not really. Prior the election from a few days back, I had to go to this concert with a political message. It was Sadie Hell and Brasstronaut. The concert was alright and it had a nice lead-in to voting day, which in turn had the lowest turnout in Canada’s election history. What a shame.

October 7-8, I had two lion dance performances for Taiwan’s Double Ten Celebration, the photos are on Flickr, http://www.flickr.com/photos/lenny-wu/sets/72157607975424528/.

As usual, I have been volunteering at CKCU FM at Carleton University. I’ve been doing the production side of radio. For the life of me, I had to do some voiceovers and I feel embarrassed over it because my voice sounds awful.

Well, that’s all for now. Last thing, all my entries from previous seasons have been moved to here. There’s no need to go to the other link to read it.

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Double The Fun in Gatineau/Wakefield (Season Premiere) – S04E01

A new season is upon us and what a way to start the fourth season on a new home. You can still look back at previous entries from http://wildworks.blogspot.com/. What’s happening in Canada and United States are election fever. I only watched the Canadian English debate and it was pure laughter for myself having to watch grilling from good ol’ Stephen Harper.

Aside with the election talk, to start off this season, I had two ventures in Gatineau, QC today. In the morning, I had a liondance performance for this school. Overall, it was not bad and a nice workout. Later in the night, I went to The Black Sheep Inn for the Mother Mother with Wooden Sky and The Superfantastics. It was an amazing concert for all three music groups. Mother Mother is a 5 member Pop/Rock Indie group from Vancouver and it was their first time to perform at The Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield, QC. Here is a photo from the Mother Mother performance at The Black Sheep Inn.

Link to photos from Flickr, http://www.flickr.com/photos/lenny-wu/sets/72157607755231224/