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More From OAG’s Spring 2020 Exhibits & Blog Hiatus – S15E07

One of the exhibits missed from Tuesday night’s Instagram was RhythmScape at Ottawa Art Gallery. This exhibit originated in South Korea and now in North America.

It’s a unique exhibit showing lights, strings, sounds and video. It brings on a contemporary look at urban spaces in art. I had a chance to take a look prior to the Capital Music Awards.
An update, the OAG will be temporary closed from March 14th until April 5th.

Since almost everything in Ottawa has been cancelled or postponed. It is best that the blog will go on a hiatus due to the fact that events won’t be happening in the weeks and months due to the Coronavirus outbreak. 

I am still active on social media as I will not be entirely quiet on the Internet.

To end things off, here are photos from the exhibit and videos from the Instameet below.

See you around when things go back to normal.

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Series 15

The Capital Music Awards – S15E06

The first Capital Music Awards took place at Saw Gallery on Thursday night. It was presented and by The City of Ottawa along with Ottawa Music Industry Coalition.

The inaugural award showcases the best in local talent in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

Due to what is happening in the world with the Coronavirus, the event went as planned.

The categories presented were Song of the Year, Solo/Duo of the Year, Band of the Year, Video of the Year, Impact Award, and Entertainer of the Year.

Here were the winners:

Impact Award
Byron Pascoe

Song of the Year – Tie
Le Group Swing


“Alive and Well”
Jasmine Trails

Solo/Duo of the Year
Anna Ludlow

Band of the Year
Le Group Swing

Entertainer of the Year
Spitten Image

Video of the Year
“On perd la tête”
Le Group Swing

It was a great night and congratulations goes out to the winners.

You can check the photos below.

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Series 15

The Ottawa Art Gallery Spring 2020 Exhibitions – S15E05

The Ottawa Art Gallery continues to showcase amazing exhibits every season. The Spring 2020 collections opens on March 11th and there are 5 new exhibits worth checking out.

It was a privilege having IgersOttawa bring the meetup for the Spring 2020 preview. Unfortunately, one of the exhibits was not available for viewing due to it being not ready and the travel restrictions from the Coronavirus. That is the RhythmSpace exhibit, which will open on March 11th.

The exhibits that were seen from the preview on Tuesday night were Jennifer Dickson: The Credo Project, Russell Yuristy: The Inside of Elephants and All Kinds of Things, (Re)Collecting the Group of Seven: Celebrating 100 Years and Tethers | Scars: Claudia Gutierrez and Tafui.

It’s nice to see a mix of local, national and international works of art at Ottawa Art Gallery. The replica of the Elephant slide was fun and recommended for any age with some safety needed.
The admission is free. Some of the exhibits will run until June and a few until January 2021. There is a lot of time to check it out.

Thanks goes out to Ottawa Art Gallery, IgersOttawa and Ottawa Tourism for a fun meetup and sneak peak. You can check the photos below.

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