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Series 11

The Vanitea Room Grand Opening – S11E22

The Vanitea Room Main

On a fine Easter weekend, I had the opportunity to check out the grand opening of The Vanitea Room. It’s located on 551 Somerset St W., near Ottawa Chinatown. It is a tea salon/restaurant which serves upscale teas, sandwiches and desserts. Their main part or focus are their afternoon tea and cocktails.

The teas they serve are by the Toronto company, Sloane Fine Tea Merchants. They have twelve varieties of flavours from black, oolong, herbal, white and green teas. It’s just ironic to hear about Sloane Fine Tea when I was checking my VIA Pr√©ference account and VIA Rail is now serving Sloane Tea on the train.

As for the tea, I tried out Ginger Twist as my tummy was under the weather and didn’t have the chance to try the tea infused desserts. The afternoon lunch I ordered was the Broiled Chicken & Proscuitto Tramezzini. The Ginger Twist tasted light and quaint, there was no strong ginger aftertaste of sorts.

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