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The Best of 2014 Countdown Part 1 (S10E12)


It’s back for another year but in a slightly shorter list as I had issues from the radio station in early 2014.
I didn’t pay attention to a lot of Canadian independent music due to the problems stemming from the station. I was able to compile album towards the end of the year thanks to friends, various radio programs and music websites.

I’m closing off 2014 with some of the best albums from Canada. In the first part, the countdown is from #40 to #21.
You will hear music from the likes of Brave Shores to In-Flight Safety to Kevin Drew and various others.

For those who missed me on the airwaves, I got you.
Here’s the first part of the audio and the playlist is posted below. Happy New Year’s Eve and the second part will be posted on New Year’s Day.

Press play to listen.

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Audio / Music / Series 10

Merry Christmas to You All – S10E11

Impossible December 23 Ugly Xmas Sweater

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

On Tuesday, it was a privilege to be a guest co-host for Friends With Benefits, which is hosted by Tonya Price. It was an impromptu appearance as I decided to give her a Christmas gift in the form of Hudson’s Bay’s Tres Canada Canvas Tote Bag.

On her radio show, she went through her Top 5 Non-Canadian music of 2014. There were some Christmas music as well.
You can check out the radio show by going to this link.

As an added bonus from below, here’s an audio from last year’s Christmas audio and joined with Lauren Bridle as we played the favourite Christmas songs. It was part of the year-end countdown from 2013 for extra time.
In 2014, there’s a new version of Do They Know It’s Christmas by Band Aid 30. In the audio from last year, it’s the original version.

Happy Holidays!

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Series 10

The 24 Days of Tea, 2014 Edition – S10E10

24 Days of Tea, 2014

It’s back again for another year and the advent tea calendar completely sold out when it was released last month at DAVIDsTEA.

Liking the colour for the box packaging this year and there’s some good selections and returning favourites for the teas.

As you remember from last year, I kept an update on what tea would be revealed on the certain day. Be sure to keep checking this entry as well as adding a link from Instagram. It will be until December 24th, Christmas Eve.

Enjoy the reveal!
Last thing, the falling snow is back again on WordPress.

The 24 Days of Tea List
December 1: Forever Nuts [LINK]
December 2: Organic Vanilla Chai [LINK]
December 3: Quangzhou Milk Oolong [LINK]
December 4: Pink Flamingo [LINK]
December 5: Detox [LINK]
December 6: Coco Chai Rooibos [LINK]
December 7: English Breakfast [LINK]
December 8: Cocomint Cream [LINK]
December 9: Genmaicha [LINK]
December 10: Bubbie’s Baklava [LINK}
December 11: Mother’s Little Helper [LINK]
December 12: Crème Caramel Rooibos [LINK]
December 13: Read My Lips [LINK]
December 14: Sugar Plum Forest [LINK]
December 15: Buddha’s Blend [LINK]
December 16: Main Squeeze [LINK]
December 17: Organic Peppermint Amour [LINK]
December 18: Organic Silk Dragon Jasmine [LINK]
December 19: Organic Cream of Earl Grey [LINK]
December 20: Apple Custard [LINK]
December 21: Lime Gelato [LINK]
December 22: Sleigh Ride [LINK]
December 23: Eggnog [LINK]
December 24: Santa’s Secret [LINK]
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Series 10

World AIDS Day 2014 – S10E09


December 1st is World AIDS Day and it’s a day observed every year as people to NGOs and governments dedicate the awareness to fighting the AIDS epidemic. Started back in 1988, the famous red ribbon is the symbol for solidarity with people infected with AIDS and HIV.  The theme for World AIDS Day is “getting to zero.”

With World AIDS Day, I’ve been a stanch supporter of the campaign called (Product) Red. This year has been no exception as Apple has been a big supporter to the organization. The tech company has brought along iOS app developers to join in on (Product) Red solidarity.
If you know me, I own a few (Product) Red iPods as a way to show my support and cause to fighting AIDS.

One of the photo apps I use is Over and they partnered up with (Product) Red. I posted some photos of good radio friends using Over’s in-app purchase and it’s available until December 7th.

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