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Played Some New Tracks That Were Released on Record Store Day – S07E36

Record Store Day is becoming quite popular every year. There were line ups at one of the local record store in downtown Ottawa. Unfortunately, I did not go for it as I opted to do grocery shopping but my brother was able to pick up the vinyls on Record Store Day. On Wednesday’s radio show, I played three tracks that were released on Record Store Day. Being a sneaky person and spying on various show playlists, none of the other shows on CKCU-FM before Wednesday haven’t played tracks that were released on Record Store Day. After all, how could I not play a new remixed version of Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) by Arcade Fire. The Damian Taylor remix of Sprawl II was released on Record Store Day. So far, friends have said that they like the Damian Taylor remix of Sprawl II. That’s a good thing for people missing out on it.
For the past month, I’ve been playing the new Beach House on rotation. Finally, a new Beach House song released on RSD helped changed the weekly rotation. Lazuli is another lovely and dreamy song from the Baltimore duo, whom will be releasing their fourth studio album, Bloom on May 15. Last, but not least, a Feist and Mastadon collaboration called Feistodon. Feist covers Mastadon’s song and vice versa.
Overall, Record Store Day is a great way to support local, mom & pop record/music stores as they offer these unique vinyls and other incentives.
The last part of the live show was on Sandy Lam because her birthday is April 26th. Don’t forget to listen to the audio. The Wild 10 Countdown is included. Great Lake Swimmers is number one for the second week.
Lastly, the playlist for the entire radio show is at this link.

Audio/Radio Show
The April 25th Radio Show – Press play to listen.

Written by Lenny

April 25, 2012 at 17:06

The Co-Host’s Last Show of the Season and The Interview with Yukon Blonde – S07E35

It’s fun having someone join me on the radio show. It’s this time of the season when people go away for the next couple of months. Wednesday’s show was my co-host, Lauren’s last show of the season. For the time being, I will be hosting solo until she returns. Overall, she had the chance to interview with the likes of Dan Mangan, Said The Whale and Hey Ocean! on her second season. It’s pretty funny that we got to interview bands from Vancouver. It’s alway a privilege to have someone passionate about Canadian indie music.
Also on the show was the interview with Yukon Blonde (another Vancouver band). It’s been awhile I had a chance to interview them because of other events happening. This time, I was able to but without the co-host. The audio of the interview is posted below.
On the live show, a guest hung out and it was former host of Horses Spilled Milk, Erica as she wanted to myself and Lauren to go to The Cupcake Lounge due in part being Lauren’s last show for the time being. The photo of the cupcakes is shown below.
As usual, there’s the Wild 10 Countdown and Lauren’s music picks of the season. You can listen to the show in the Audio section below.
The radio show playlist is at this link.

Kid Koala at Canada Aviation and Space Museum
On April 15th, I had the opportunity to go to The Canada Aviation and Space Museum for the Kid Koala Space Cadet Headphone Concert. It was very last minute to go and thanks to Apartment 613 for the enjoyable time. I did not realize that snailhouse was the opening act to Kid Koala. I enjoyed the headphone concert and the tracks he performed reminded me at the time when he opened up for the Arcade Fire outdoor at Pop Montreal. For anyone who has me on Facebook and Instagram, I posted some photos on there but I will post them here for your interest.

The April 18th Radio Show – Press play to listen.

The Yukon Blonde Interview
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Written by Lenny

April 18, 2012 at 18:00

The Interview with Adaline & Played Songs from Hong Kong Films – S07E34

It was a close call for Wednesday’s show because I had a equipment failure on Saturday night as I was doing a pre-recorded interview with Adaline. Luckily, there was a second chance as I did a live phone interview with her. It was almost a disaster because CKCU-FM doesn’t do long distance calls as I would need a long distance card to call outside of Ottawa. Aside from the slight setback, it was smooth sailing from then on as I got to do the interview. You can listen to the interview in the audio section. What I forgot to mention were the opening acts from Saturday’s show. They were Factory Owl and The Watters Brothers. Up and coming local bands. I’ve seen The Watters Brothers perform and they bring a style of Blues which is marvellous. It was the first time to check out Factory Owl and their use of orchestral instruments sounded pretty lovely. Overall, it was good Saturday night to enjoy live music.

What was played on the live radio show were songs from Hong Kong films as this Sunday will be the 31st Hong Kong Film Award. It’s become a yearly tradition to play past winners from the Best Song Film category leading up to the award show. As far as I know, it will be broadcast on RTHK Radio 2 and will definitely listen in.
Aside from the live show was the top 10 countdown and I haven’t made a set date on resuming the top 10 entries.
The playlist is over at this link.

The full show – Press play to listen.

The Adaline Interview

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Written by Lenny

April 11, 2012 at 15:28

The New Chair Plus Interviews from Ben Caplan and Teenage Kicks – S07E33

On Friday, CKCU-FM announced that they got new chairs in the on-air studio. The response to these swanky and stylish chairs have been positive. I gave the new chair a try and so far, it’s comfortable but I was sure about fiddling around with the height and positions for the chair. The only minor setback were the arm rest as it was set low. Overall, a great addition and also looking professional at the radio show.
Aside from the new chairs, today’s show had two interviews. They were Ben Caplan from Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers and Teenage Kicks. The audio will be posted below.
Note (April 4, 2013): The Teenage Kicks interview is unavailable. Will find an alternative for the interview.
After the interviews, I decided to continue with the Leslie Cheung tribute as April 1st was not too long ago and a radio show on RTHK Radio 2 have been playing Cheung’s songs. There were a few favourites that I wanted to play as I wanted to finish off the yearly tribute.
The playlist from the show is posted at this link.
Easter weekend is upon us and wanting to wish you a good long weekend.

The April 4th Radio Show – Press play to listen.

The Ben Caplan Interview

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