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The Final Method – S05E09

On-Air Studio Control Board
Happy Thanksgiving (in Canada). Due to an original plan of having a special 2 hour show for Kristal’s final radio show, things got confusing as there was a change in the schedule the day before. I was suppose to be the sole host for 90 minutes. Thanks to the host of The Remix Show, who was also hosting his final show on the Monday timeslot. I decided to give the host an extra half hour due to an error in communication. It gave him more time to wrap-up his show as he will be on a new schedule.
Supposedly, the original plan could of happened if there was not a mass confusion. I was feeling down that the hosts of Horses Spilled Milk decided to not come. Good thing Kristal made it for her final show and things were going well. I dubbed it Kristal’s Final Method. I am satisfied with what I played on her final show. I played two 1990s British songs, one was Boyzone and the other was Oasis. It’s sad hearing that one of the members of Boyzone, Stephen Gately, passed away, while Oasis is done as a band.
There’s two song that I played Kristal as a memory and dedication. The first song being Jarhand by Immaculate Machine. The second song is also for Corey & Erica too. I also forgot to mention my friend who’s still in Boston. What’s the second song? Find out and listen.
Without further ado, less writing and hope you enjoy the radio show.

You can press play to listen to the extended special.

All I can say is thank you to Kristal, Corey & Erica for enjoying your radio show and now that we won’t be together on Mondays, it will be tough to fill in your shoes. I will continue to do an amazing job on Mondays.
Don’t worry, Kristal and the Horses Spilled Milk gang will still be on the air but on a different schedule. I will continue giving them show IDs from musicians.
Here’s the playlist as some of the songs I played were kept to a surprise for friends who missed out listening live.

A Very October Way to Start the Thanksgiving Show
Run From Safety – Octoberman (Run From Safety)*

Several New Canadian Indie Songs Set
B.C. Orienteering – Said The Whale (Islands Disappear)* – Going to see them at LiVE Lounge on Oct. 15
Antonia Jane – Lightning Dust (Infinite Light)*
Gold Rush – Basia Bulat (Heart Of My Own)*

Walk On – The Hidden Cameras (Origin: Orphan)*

Sad News on The British Music Front
No Matter WhatBoyzone (Greatest Hits)
Live ForeverOasis (Definitely Maybe)

Hyping Up To “Where The Wild Things Are”

All Is Love – Karen O. and The Kids (Where The Wild Things Are OST)

Two Songs For Kristal. Well, The Second Song Also for Corey & Erica of Horses Spilled Milk. Forgot Mention My Friend Who’s In Boston Who Likes The 2nd Song
Jarhand – Immaculate Machine (Fables)*

2nd song is kept a secret until Corey & Erica heard it. Kristal and my friend residing in Boston already heard it.

There’s Several Songs That Kristal Picked For Her Final Show

Legend: * – Canadian music

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