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Short Update

Sorry for the lack of updates. Still haven’t recovered from not catching up because my friend didn’t get his comics(ie. 52).
I only picked up a graphic novel, Loveless Vol. 1 from Vertigo Comics for May 24, 2006.

Lost season finale. I wonder what will happen. Before Lost, I hope to watch CBC News: The Hour. Just hope it does not conflict my tv watching schedule.

X-Men: The Last Stand, I can’t wait until Friday, although I’m worried it might be not good. *crosses fingers*

Just in case you didn’t know, I updated a previous entry, here’s the link http://wildworks.blogspot.com/2006/05/choosing-sides-updated-may-24.html Just comment who you choose, since there is a “bigger” playing field. 🙂

Series 1 / WildWorks Blog

Summer Movies Have Started

OK, it’s not Summer yet, but the hype of certain movies have started. I watched “The DaVinci Code” and my response is not excellent, nor bad. I had no clue what to say about the movie. I felt there was not any excitment.
Up next will be X-Men: The Last Stand. Yes, I am a big X-Men fan and I wonder what comic is based on. Since, the 2nd movie was based on “God Loves, Man Kills”, which people did not know much about. It’s an obscure comic from Marvel, based on their Graphic Novel series back in the 1980s.
I’m finally back in full swing with movies because last year, the only movie of 2005 that I watched was Batman Begins.
So far, The DaVinci Code did not excite me. I hope X-Men: The Last Stand will excite me.

Sorry for the lack of entry because my plan in meeting up my buddy(you know who you are) was changed and pushed back. So, I didn’t want to leak out DC’s weekly maxi-series, 52 to him.

Hmmmm, I wonder what George Strumbolopoulos of CBC News: The Hour would think of the movie come Monday on The Hour. 😀 Just a shameless plug and easy search if The Hour gang will find.
I also wonder if George watched any of the May sweeps…season finale and series finale of shows like Will & Grace and That ’70s Show.
Short update: I am wondering if George watched “The DaVinci Code.” What would be his thoughts of the movie. I totally wasn’t pleased by it. That’s all I can think because I had an idea on my blog on what to say about The Hour and my mind just went blank.

I have been watching the season finales of tv shows like the Law & Order series, Crossing Jordan, and etc. Am I hooked? Probably not, just bored. 🙂

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Tried Out 2 New Chips

Even though, I was not feeling well on a Saturday, I managed to go out for grocery shopping. Being a curious consumer, there were 2 new chip flavours. One was Dorito’s Sweet Chili Heat and the other was Miss Vickie’s Roasted Red Pepper Grill.
Both of the chip seemed alright, but it wasn’t good for my tongue since I can’t stand HOT or spicy.
The Doritos tasted sweet in the beginning but burned my tongue. The Miss Vickie’s Red Pepper almost burned my tongue. All in all, they were alright, but hot flavours cannot be good for me.

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Old Event, New Event

Since one “big” event has ended, another new “big” event has come. That’s right, Infinite Crisis #7 from DC Comics concludes while Marvel brings in their Civil War.
So far, I don’t know what to say about the two comics. It’s very difficult to explain since a friend is sick, while other buddies are occupied and one is away.
I need…assistance….please.
Just read The Exterminators #5 and boy, it was hilarious.
Well, there will be Free Comic Book Day this Saturday. That should give me some good motivation if I meet with my friend if he’s well.
Second last point, I still haven’t figure out how to theme my blog. It has been more about comics. So, I hope to mix it once in awhile.

Last point, it was shown on BKV’s forum, here’s the image I took on Tuesday. From the convention. A sketch from Runaways artist, Adrian Alphona